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Monday, August 15, 2016

Connecting With Tea Bloggers

I recently connected with some tea bloggers. They reviewed some of my teas and I had so much fun reading their notes! These tea bloggers have written some of the most vivid, detailed, and fun descriptions about their tea experiences that I've ever read.

Here are three great examples. Please check them out!

photo provided by Oolong Owl
Oolong Owl Blog on Floating Leaves Tea 2016 High Mountain Oolongs

photo by Jeff Cleary

UNYtea Guy on 2016 Lishan High Mountain Oolong

photo by Alexsia Wilson

My Thoughts Are Like Butterflies on 2016 HeHuanShan High Mountain Oolong

I spend most of my time taking care of my tea business and my son, so I haven't been as active with the online tea community as I would like. However, my son is eight now and I feel like I currently have more time and energy to connect with the various tea bloggers who have been writing about their passion for tea.

I know some of you order my teas and review my teas. You are on my list to receive samples as a thank you for supporting my business. But if you are wondering where your samples are, feel free to reach out to me (which might be the best and the fastest way!).

Happy tea drinking, happy reading and happy writing!