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Monday, November 10, 2008

Aged Oolong and 2008 Winter Taiwan Oolong

My son Konghai is learning how to crawl. He loves to be at home. That's the place where he can go nuts! Two days ago, he was crawling in the bedroom and playing with his toys. Suddenly, he crawled to me and gave me a plastic bag. I picked it up and looked at the bag, reading "1966 Pou Chong (AKA Baozhong)." I was so excited.

Today, friends are in the shop and we tried the aged Baozhong. We were all joking that the tea is older than I am! We brewed it. The liquid is goldenrod in color. It tasted funny in the beginning, but the mouthfeel is amazing. It's very soft, buttery and smooth. Thank you Konghai, for this amazing tea.

My tea friend, Michael, is in Taiwan. He went to a farmer in Alishan for a visit. I have known this farmer for three years now.

Michael just wrote back and told me that there were only two batches of tea ready. I have been so nervous about the weather. I pray every day for good weather. He is also going to visit farmer Chen in the Pinlin region. Farmer Chen will give Michael some tea for me.

I can't wait for Michael to be back. This will be my first taste of 2008 winter oolong.


Anonymous said...

I really love your teas and have had such great high mountain ones there. I've also had some yummy puerhs in the past - when will you get more?

Anonymous said...

Hi Johannes,

I am so glad to know that you like our teas.

Our tea buyer will be in Taiwan in the end of the year to search for high mountain teas and some dark roast Tieguanyin and Dong Ding.

In about two weeks, I will have 90'Xia Guan Tuocha and Kunming Bricks in.
Come try it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shiuwen. Konghai is getting so big!

I can't wait to come back and drink more tea with you.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Konghai great! He found some delicious aged oolong.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shiuwen, sorry, no Kunming bricks. How about Shao Fa Tuo? Please? :)

Anonymous said...

I will think about it.