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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dong Ding Tea Making

Many people had Dong Ding before, and sometimes it is people's favorite tea.
Nowadays, some tea drinkers complain to me that most of Dong Ding are not even real.

Dong Ding is produced in Dong Ding mountain of Lugu region in Nantou county. A lot of Dong Ding is made in the areas that are close to Dong Ding mountain. Some producers will call their tea Dong Ding if the tea is made with Dong Ding method even though it's made in other parts of Taiwan or even China.

A Dong Ding farmer told us how his ancestors made tea: They would pick tea, let the leaves wither a bit, rub the leaves around to let the juices come out, and then let the leaves sit until they turned color. After a few days, they would pour hot water over the leaves and drank it.

That was Oolong.


Eric G. said...

This mislabelling of teas, whether intentional or not, makes me nervous. But if it's the same varietal and it tastes the same, should that make a fuss? Or should Dong Ding only be from the Dong Ding mountains?
PS: My label reads, "Dong Ding Ming Xiang." What does "Ming Xiang" mean?

Shiuwen said...

If a tea tastes good, that's all it matters.
"Ming Xiang" might mean "Clear Fragrance". If I can see the Chinese writing, I can tell you exactly what it means.

I hope this will help.