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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's good to be in Taiwan again!

My son Konghai and I arrived in Taiwan 5 days ago. We spent 3 days with our family. It was the first time my family has seen Konghai. They were all very excited and happy to see him!

I have been living in Seattle for too long. It's hot here! My first cup of tea in Taiwan was a cup of bubble tea. It was just plain black tea. In hot weather like this, that cup of bubble tea tasted pretty good.

I was not serious about looking for tea during the first three days. The most important thing was to spend time with my family.

Tomorrow, I will tell you my trip to Dong Ding Mountain.


Brett said...

Have a wonderful time visiting tea and family in Taiwan! (Hopefully it's not too hot up in Nantou.)

可然 wants to tell 空海: 你好大哥!

Shiuwen said...

Hi Brett,
Somehow I couldn't get to publish my own comments in Taiwan.
See you soon for tea!