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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Frequent Asked Questions: What's My Favorite Tea

I am constantly asked what my favorite tea is. For a tea family, I always say "Taiwanese Oolong" (am I biased?). For a specific tea, my answer changes every season. So this question leads to "What makes me like a tea?"

If you come to the shop enough, you have probably already noticed by now that I talk about mouth feel a lot. Yes, that's the first thing I judge a tea by. Any good tea to me has to have a good mouth feel. Mouth feel for me is how the tea liquid feels in my mouth. It doesn't have to be heavy, but it has to be round and balanced. After one swallows the tea, the sensation should still be there.

So the answer to my favorite tea for this season:
Traditional Dong Ding A for its excellent mouth feel (Sorry, this tea never made it onto my website. Limited quantity. Sold out in a week)
Traditional Dong Ding for its good mouth feel
DaYuLing for its wonderful complexity

Hope this answers your question.


Terence said...

Just wanted to say that I bought 1 kilo of traditional Dong Ding 2009 spring and usually make it weak like a layer or two in a 80ml pot, today I made it like I brew my hi fired TGY 1/2 full of dry leaves.......it tasted excellent, much better than my usual method. I could have bought the whole batch If my memory serves me correct, but ended up buying less :(


Shiuwen said...

Hi Terence,

Nice to hear from you! I am so happy to know that you had some great sessions with the Dong Ding tea. I like that tea, too.
Don't worry. We will have more good Dong Ding in.

Anonymous said...

Now when asked my favorite tea, the family is going to be raw, young Puerh. And the specific tea will change in time, too. Right now it's a Purple Tips with a malty flavor. I find it interesting that you're into mouthfeel when that's a trait Puerh is well-known for, at least when it's high-enough quality. --Teaternity

Shiuwen said...

To Jason,

Thank you for sharing with us your favorite tea!