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Friday, March 05, 2010

Taiwan Trip

I will be in Taiwan for tea this May! One of the exciting things about this trip is that I will be working with a professional photographer/videographer and we will be shooting some informative tea videos. We already have some ideas for possible projects. One of our ideas is to feature an organic tea farmer. Another one is to compare different tea making processes.

I thought that it would be a great idea if you, my customers and blog followers, were interested in participating in our project as well. Start by gathering some of your thoughts together. If you could talk to a tea farmer in Taiwan, what would you ask him and what kinds of things would you like to know? Here's your chance to find the answer to your important questions!


Rich said...

Hi Shiuwen, I would love it if you could document the process for making a high mountain type of oolong, as well as a baozhong tea (if possible). There is so much confusion here about what is done with each step and in what order that I think you have a wonderful opportunity to clarify.

And please bring back some aged teas that I can afford to buy :)


cwbrynan said...

Great idea i will start pondering and formulate some questions for your trip. When will you leave and return and will there be some of this Spring's finest Oolongs coming back with you?

Shiuwen said...

To Rich,

We are planning on documenting one of the high mountain oolongs and Baozhong tea process. It all depends on how much time we have.
Yes, I will look for some aged oolongs when I am in Taiwan.
Thank you for your feedback!

Shiuwen said...

To Cwbrynan,

Thank you. I will be looking forward to hearing what you might have to say to the tea farmers.

I am planning to leave on May 3rd and come back on the 26th.
Yes, I will be bringing back some delicious oolongs from Taiwan.

Nicole said...

If you want a name of a Organic tea farm I worked on one a week ago in Douliou. She's very nice and friendly, and very passionate about organic (and of course high mountain oolongs. let me know if you want her contact info.

Shiuwen said...

Hi Niko,

Thank you very much for the offer!
Yes, please. I will see if I have a chance to see her. My photographer friend Jennifer and I might do a short documentary on organic tea in Taiwan.