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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pinglin Trip

Today we went to Pinglin to visit farmer Chen. His wife was waiting for us in their tea shop and told us Mr. Chen was busy and would join us shortly. She heated up some water and offered some fresh Baozhong tea to drink. It was quite delicious and I thought the quality was better than last winter's Baozhong.

Then she took us to see their spring Baozhong competition tea entry. Today was the last day to submit competition tea. There were not many farmers there, but we still got to see how they packed the tea and such.

For lunch, we went to have a wonderful tea meal feast. We all enjoyed the food and stuffed ourselves full on the delicious dishes.

We walked back to farmer Chen's house and he was waiting for us. He greeted everyone with a smile and took us to his tea farm. It was drizzling today so we didn't get to see any tea being picked. Farmer Chen was very kind to explain to us the tea varietals and the process of picking tea.

Then he took us to his house and he explained to us the process of making Baozhong tea. When I get back to Seattle, I will add more details on this part.

We returned to their tea shop and enjoyed many more pots of delicious Baozhong.


Anonymous said...

How are the teas this season?

Shiuwen said...

Generally speaking, the quality of this Spring tea is higher than last winter tea.

Marilyn Miller said...

Can't wait to hear more about the whole trip and about the Baozhong.

Shiuwen said...


I will be writing more about the tour when I go back to Seattle.

CindyW said...

I can't wait to try some of this Spring's baozhong! I've only got about one pot's worth of leaves left at home, so I'm ready for your new teas to come in. :)

Richard said...

Since drinking the Honorable Mention Baozhong in your sample pack a couple of weeks ago, the Baozhong is what I'm waiting for! It was so very good. Can't wait.