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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Iced Teas

Finally, summer has arrived in Seattle! I can't tell you how excited I am! I just learned that the east coast has been baking for many days now. Many Chinese people believe that drinking hot tea can cool a person down. If you disagree, how about having some nice cold teas on a hot summer day?

I am addicted to my Aged Baozhong, especially when it's cold brewed. I put some leaves in a glass jar, put some room temperature water in it and waited until the liquid turned brown. That's when I know it's ready. It's fruity, sweet, and refreshing. Throughout the day, I will keep adding water as I drink the cold-brewed tea and it tastes very good this way.

Lots of green teas are also suitable for cold brew, or you can quickly brew up some hot tea and pour it over a cup of ice cubes. They are all very thirst-quenching and refreshing.


CindyW said...

I wrote a blog post about iced oolongs this week, too. :)


Several years ago, you told me how to do overnight-in-the-frig brewing, and I still continue to use that method. However, I've never even considered using an aged baozhong for this. I'll give that a try with the next batch!

Eric G. said...

Have you ever tried to make ice cubes out of tea? I plan to do that sometime, especially since the heat index here in Saint Louis is almost always over 100F?

Eric G. said...

Have you ever made tea ice cubes? I read about it but I forget where. I've been meaning to try it for some time. Have you ever done that?

Eric G. said...

I read about tea ice cubes somewhere but I can't remember the website. Have you ever tried it? I've been meaning to, but I'm just plain lazy.