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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Practice your Chinese with me at Floating Leaves!

Chinese Practice Night is back! We will start the Chinese practice class at the shop on February 10th. It will be a weekly practice from 6pm to 7pm every Thursday night. A $5 donation would be greatly appreciated.

Our tea shop is pretty small, so if you are interested in coming, please send me an email, tea@floatingleaves.com, so that I can save you a spot.

I will be focusing on correcting pronunciation, tones, increasing your vocabulary and helping you to communicate with some basic sentences. Therefore, I will only take people who know some basic Chinese language. If you're not sure what your level is, feel free to ask me. We will of course accompany our lessons with some good tea as well.

Looking forward to helping you with your Chinese over some nice pots of tea!

1 comment:

cwbrynan said...

Hi Shiuwen,
I would love to come to "Practice your Chinese" night at Floating, but alas, the drive is 2,819 miles one way. What a great idea though for tea lovers and those practicing the Asian martial arts. Would it be possible to film with audio portions of the event and post?

I also want to express my thanks for the last shipment of 2010 Oolongs from you. My first Tai Chi class of the New Year was canceled due to snow, here in Phila. region we are getting a weekly dose. It was my intention to try the ShanLinXi sample you so graciously included with my order, but with the snow piling up outside I decided to treat myself. Steeped in my Yixing pot and poured into a clear glass pitcher, the color was so golden with a consistency of melted butter or even a very fine olive oil. The pour from the pitcher was equally impressive, so smooth and the feel in the mouth was not so much sweet but luxurious;like that first fork full of lobster ( a very rare occasion for me)dipped in warm melted butter is placed in you mouth - heaven. I don't think I've ever tasted a tea quite like it. ShanLinXi will definetly be on my next order from Floating Leaves!