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Saturday, April 16, 2011

A New Lishan

Thank you all for liking the winter high mountain Oolong. We were all lucky to have enjoyed quite a good season for Taiwan Oolongs. All of my high mountain teas sold out quite quickly, but I ordered a new batch of Lishan and it arrived three days ago. When I first tried the tea, I found it to be floral and full bodied. The scent was beautiful and present in all six infusions that I made. Today, I tried the tea again and there is a nice smoothness that has started showing up. I was very excited about it. As I have mentioned before, when a tea is shipped over, it might take some time for it open up and develop, so I am looking forward to seeing even more roundness from this Lishan and possibly some surprising notes. When you have a chance, please come and taste the tea with me. Some people have asked me if this is a spring tea. This Lishan is still a winter Oolong. Yes, farmers have just started to harvest spring teas in Taiwan, but the harvests are mostly for lower elevation teas. Any recent harvesting of higher elevation teas would be for varietals like Jin Xuan. Our high mountain oolongs are made with the Chin Hsin varietal, which grows slower than a lot of other oolong varietals. In a region like Fu Shou Shan or Da Yu Ling, we might need to wait until the middle of May for the harvest and production to be completed.

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