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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Taiwan Tea Tour Day 2

Before we headed out to Pinglin, Konghai and I had time to wander around a morning market where lots of vegetables, fruits and cooked foods are sold. It was great to be in a market like this. I miss them and all of their unique stuff!

After breakfast, we all went up to Pinglin to visit the Baozhong fields. My friends, Farmer Chen and his wife, were very happy to see us. They immediately asked us to sit down and we enjoyed having lots of Baozhong tea with them.

After lunch, we went to the Chen's tea farm and we had a great time picking tea. After collecting enough tea leaves, we went to their house where they processed the leaves for us. Mr. Chen showed us how to do outdoor oxidizing and explained the basic process of how he makes Baozhong tea. We were all very grateful that he and his wife took the time to show us his farm, share with us lots of information and of course, provide us with many of their delicious Baozhongs to drink.


Rich said...

Yummy, lian wu!!!

Charcoal-roasted tea, please.

And good teapots.


Steve said...

Nice! I'm enjoying some of their Baozhong now in Seattle!!

Jan E. said...

Oh, the memories.........what delicious tea......and it looks like sun for you---not the drizzle we had. How nice.

Shiuwen said...

To Rich,

Yes, I will get some charcoal tea for sure. Will work on tea pots later and hope to find some great stuff!

To Steve,
Great! Then I think you are going to like this season's Baozhong even better.

To Jan,

Yes, we have been really lucky this time. There is tea picking everywhere.