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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Taiwan Tea Trip - Alishan, Tea Process

Sorry for the late update, Blogger has been down for a few days, so we had to wait for the issues to be fixed before we could post again.

It has been colder than usual for this spring's Taiwanese Oolong. When we arrived on Alishan, the farmers were just starting to pick tea. We were lucky to get to participate in a lot of the tea making process.

Tea rolling to shape the oolong balls

"Stir Green" is a process to help water evaporate evenly from the leaves; its needed for the oxidation of the tea leaves and help them "waken" with the right flavor at the right time

A tea maker showed us how to "stir green"

Outdoor withering and oxidizing


Mikey said...

Hi Shiuwen,

Great pics!

I've been reading a lot that this year's spring has been colder than usual ... how do you think this will translate into the tea's aroma/mouthfeel/taste?

I was lucky to be one of the first people here in san francisco to taste the 2011 crop of Wenshan Baozhong that was just harvested. So floral and crisp! But i still think i like the thicker mouthfeel of an alishan to a baozhong...

I am surviving on my 2010 spring alishan until the new crop arrives, haha.

Shiuwen said...

Hi Mikey,

So far, the teas I have tasted have a very soft mouth feel. I am liking its quality. Tomorrow, I will taste a lot of high mountain tea and I will update my thoughts soon.