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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Special Pricing for DaYuLing - Thanks for the Positive Feedback!

I want to thank many of you who have purchased our winter Oolong and have told me how much you like the teas. This winter's tea has been selling well. Our Lishan and 2nd Place Baozhong have already sold out! The recently-stocked charcoal-roasted ShanLinXi is nearly sold out as well.

Our Lishan oolong has been a solid tea over the past several seasons. DaYuLing can be a more finicky tea to brew, but this winter's tea is particularly good. DaYuLing drinkers have found the tea to be very enjoyable, but Lishan's pricing has made the tea more attractive.

I really like this season's DaYuLing, I think it is my favorite high mountain tea right now. I want to give high mountain oolong lovers an incentive to try this beautiful tea, so I've decided to reduce our DaYuLing's pricing to match that of our Lishan tea. For those who have enjoyed this season's Lishan tea, I wouldn't be surprised if you like the DaYuLing even more.

This DaYuLing is full of surprises. DaYuLing can be a bit tricky to brew, but if you pay attention to bringing out all of its potential, you will enjoy great sessions with this tea. It will reveal to you its creamy, soft, and complex nature.

Our Taiwan Shui Xian and Taiwan #18 Ruby Black teas will arrive soon. Stay tuned.

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