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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yixing Teapots

It is hard to come across good Yixing pots nowadays, but just like how Chinese people have a strong belief in affinity, sometimes nice pots show up when you're not expecting them.

About three weeks ago, I went to visit a friend for tea. At the end of our tea session, I asked her if she could find some Yixing pots for me while she travels in China. We talked about what I am looking for in good pots. She stood up and took a pot out of her cabinet and asked,"Do you like this pot?" I looked at it and said, "Oh, yes. You've been using that pot ever since I've known you. Are you telling me that you are willing to sell it?" She nodded her head. I asked,"Why?" And she said, "Why not?"

I looked at the pots in her cabinet and chose three other pots. I felt so excited, just like if I had turned into a little kid in a toy store. It was like treasure hunting!

The only problem with finding pots like these is that I like the pots too much and will be sad to let them go to new owners! I have been "playing" with them for the past three weeks and now I am ready to sell them.

As far as I know, my friend had this pot for at least 4 years. The pot holds around 130ml of water. It pours well and I tested out some roasted Oolongs in it and the teas tasted good.

This is a cute little pot. It holds around 100ml of water and it has been seasoned with lots of raw puer.

My friend started to season this pot with Puer tea about half of a year ago and the clay has already changed color. It holds around 180ml of water.

This pot has been used to brew Puer tea for a while, too. It holds around 180ml of water.

I found this little pot back in Taiwan. It holds around 100ml of water. It's definitely been used and seasoned with tea before. It should be pretty good for Oolong teas.

If you are interested in any of the pots, please contact me: tea@floatingleaves.com. I will be listing them on my website, too.

*Special thanks to Douglas King for taking those beautiful teapot photos.

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Steve said...

The pots look great!
Doug did a great job with the photos.