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Friday, November 15, 2013

Floating Leaves Tea New Tea Bar

This is the big project that I have recently been working on. It all started with wanting to combine my different working spaces into one (I was serving tea from a tea table and had a separate counter to pack tea/cash register/paper work). From that, the idea for a tea bar was born.

Three days ago, some friends came and helped to pack up the things in the tea shop and to prepare the space for installing the tea bar. Two days ago, the tea bar was installed and we spent the rest of the day moving the furniture (and boxes) out of the way and trying to figure out the best arrangement for everything.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day unpacking things and trying to locate the things I need the most for running the business. We also put all of the tea and teaware back on the shelves.

Today, I spent half of the day sorting out things (I also had to give my brain a break). In the afternoon, we finally cleared out enough space around the tea bar so that we could enjoy a delicious pot of Tieguanyin!

There is still more work to do to make the shop look organize, but I am already super excited with the new look and change! I am hoping to accommodate more people for tea classes, and to offer a more organized, open space for customers to come in and browse.

We will be having a celebration party soon. Stay tuned!


Steph said...

Can't wait to see it! Congrats!

Shiuwen said...


Thank you! I am very excited with this new change! See you soon for tea.

Ms. Ainee C. Beland said...

It looks lovely. All that you have tried have been lovely and inventive. Good work!

Mikey said...

Beautiful new arrangement! I was going to drop in today to buy some more tea to explore in my tea roaster, but the crazy wind and rain makes riding my scooter a little more difficult! I'll be in soon :)

Wandering Mind said...

It looks beautiful! Can't wait to stop by and see the newly renovated space and of course taste tea!

Shiuwen said...

To Seule 771,
Thank you!

Shiuwen said...

Hi Mikey,

Thank you. I hope you are having fun using that small tea roaster. See you very soon!

Shiuwen said...

To Wondering Mind,

I think you will like the new place. See you soon for a cup of tea!