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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013 Winter High Mountain Oolongs

I sometimes ask myself if I will ever get tired of tea. The answer so far has been no. There are so many different kinds of tea out there! And even if one claims he/she drinks only certain types of tea, one will still not get bored with the variety that can be found within one type of tea. From season to season, the same type of tea we drink will taste different.

It's amazing what weather can do to tea. I had a great tea session comparing my 2013 Spring Lishan to the new 2013 Winter Lishan.

Brewed leaves: left-2013 Spring Lishan; right-2013 Winter Lishan

Tea broth: left-2013 Spring Lishan; right- 2013 Winter Lishan

Due to the warmer weather this winter, this season's Lishan doesn't seem to have as an intense taste as the Spring Lishan. However, both Lishans have that wonderfully delicious, smooth, buttery texture. What stands out more in this season's High Mountain Oolong is its aftertaste. It's simply delightful and surprising. Its aftertaste is beautiful and strong!
I don't know if you remember that the 2013 Spring High Mountain Oolong could be tricky to brew. Just a touch too many leaves could make the pot of tea too strong. I found that this Winter tea is more forgiving. Even if I brew it longer, the tea still tastes very yummy. 

The same type of tea and yet so different. I love discovering new qualities from each season's tea, especially those yummy surprises that keep dancing in my mouth. They make me excited and happy!


Unknown said...

Looks delicious ... I will need to stop in for this season's Lishan soon :-) I also have a delicious gao shan from Taiwan that a friend gave me which I cannot identify and need your help :-p

Ms. Ainee C. Beland said...

Lishan Oolong is a lovely tea; buttery in taste is very true. Silken smoothness is what I remember of it when sampled of this tea.
Thank you for sharing.