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Monday, February 09, 2015

New Teas - Dong Ding Traditional

Aside from this season's high mountain tea, there are two other teas that I'm proud to have brought back to share with you. Today I'd like to talk about one of them, my traditional Dong Ding. This tea is made from Qingxin leaves and has a light roast to match its light oxidation (for a Dong Ding tea, but the oxidation is still higher than for my high mountain oolongs). This tea is very satisfying when I'm looking for something with a bit more weight and body than a light oolong or a green tea, without being as thick or full as a traditional Tieguanyin.

This season's Dong Ding offers a satisfying tea broth and some light fruit notes. It has a good back-of-the-throat sensation, which many of my best tea's also have. We've been working with this Dong Ding farmer for many seasons now and he tries to stay on top of the subtly changing tea trends to give tea lovers something that's a bit more interesting and fresh each season, while still providing the solid taste profile that his teas are known for.

I've been meaning to set up tastings for the new teas this season and I will do so as soon as my tasting notes for Tieguanyin are posted. I've been really busy putting together a very exciting tea tour to Yunnan province later this spring, where we will search for some amazing tea and we'll have some amazing experiences as well!

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