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Monday, April 13, 2015

Visiting Beautiful Kunming

We arrived in Kunming, and I was super excited...it's my first time here! Kunming is a lot more modern than I had imagined. People are quite nice, but they are crazy drivers on the road.
Overlooking Kunming

We started our day off by visiting a Taoist temple built at the end of Ming dynasty.

We were lucky. It turned out to be a very nice day. There are a lot of trees, so we had a great time walking around, enjoying the beautiful temple and space. It felt so nice to walk around after a long flight! Besides the beautiful temple, we enjoyed encountering people dancing in the park, practicing Taichi, or playing cards. They looked so relaxed and were having a good time.

After visiting the temple, we had a fantastic meal and felt very stuffed and satisfied.

But there is a great solution to the problem of being very full: time for some tea!

We went to visit Awoono’s friend, Ms Ja, who owns a tea shop in Kunming. She is a great host, very friendly and patient. She brewed us some Yunnan black tea and we tried one with huge golden needles and another that had wild purple tips. Both are sweet, have round bodies and last many infusions. We also tried some Puers. I liked one loose leaf Puer from the 80s. It’s very smooth and has a clear camphor taste. I will bring back some to share in with you in my shop!


Unknown said...

Your post is wonderful, the photos superb. Love the tai chi in the Park!
Thanks for taking us along virtually!!

Steph said...

I am there with you in spirit!

Shiuwen said...


Thank you for reading. Glad to know you enjoyed it.

Shiuwen said...


Thank you! It was a great trip! I hope you "felt" it.