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Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Quick Review On Winter High Mountain Tea

Here are some quick tasting notes on some of the high mountain teas that I received and tomorrow, I will give some more notes on one more Lishan, Shanlinxi, and Buddha Hand.

Alishan: It's very nice and smooth on the mouth-feel. This Alishan only has a little floral bouquet. The smoothness will last through all the infusions(I stopped at the fifth infusion). No much changes among the infusions.

Alishan A: This Alishan has a bigger floral bouquet compared to the previous one. The first infusion didn't show up much body or floral note. The second one unfolded. The fragrance will stay through all the infusions. The body feels lighter than the previous one but very delicate. It's a pretty balance tea.
Lishan: This Lishan has enough body. The first two infusions carried a nice floral note. The third and fourth carried a bit honey and fruit note.

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