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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Taiwan Tea Tour 2010!

As some of you already know, I am going to lead a tea tour to Taiwan next May. We will be visiting Pinglin (Baozhong tea), Muzha (Tiequanyin), Alishan Mountain, taking tea classes from some of the most famous Taiwanese tea experts, eating delicious food and doing many more fun things.
The itinerary is posted on Floating Leaves Tea website HERE

Check it out!

I look forward to taking you to my homeland: Taiwan!

*All the pictures are from one of the 2007 Taiwan Tour members: Jim Molnar


Jason Witt said...

Someday when I have enough money I'd like to go on one of these tours with you. That's because I'm an Oolong lover. And you're visiting the homes of two of the most famous kinds of Oolong. It'll be an awesome time. I'm putting these tours on my wish list.

Shiuwen said...

Hi Jason,

Hope you will be able to join us one of these days.
Are you living in Seattle? Come in to have Oolong with me!

Marilyn Miller said...


My husband and I really want to travel to Taiwan next year, but cannot make a final decision until after out travels in October. I will let you know. I would also love to visit Lin Ceramics.

Shiuwen said...

Hi Marilyn,

Nice to know that you are interested in going to Taiwan! It will be great to have you and your husband on our tour. It's going to be a lot of fun!
I think Lin Ceramics has a shop in YinGe where we will be visiting.

Just let me know!

jennifer said...

hi there
i would love to go on one of your tours. are there alot of mosquitos when you go in may? i have heard they can be bad.
when is the next tour?
i am a huge fan of taiwan oolongs...i love the high grade taiwan beauty and monkey picked tiquanyin.
thanks so much.