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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New Winter Teas

Happy Holidays!

I have received a lot of sweet notes and cards from some of you. This is one thing that I love about my business. You are not just my customers, you treat me like I am your friend or family member. It's a wonderful feeling - Thank You!

Some winter teas just arrived. For lighter Oolongs, my Baozhong and High Mountain Oolongs have been here for a couple of weeks and they are opening up nicely. I love how the weather makes these teas different from season to season. Take our Farmer's Choice Baozhong for example, I feel that last season's has a bigger flavor, and this season's offers a very nice viscosity in the broth. High Mountain Oolongs offer some beautiful floral and citrus flavors and aftertastes. After the holiday season, I will be updating their tasting notes on my website.

For warm and darker Oolongs, I have a full body and solid DaHongPao. I also added a 90's AnXi Tieguanyin under the Older Oolong category. This is a traditional style Tieguanyin. It's full-bodied and smooth with a strong salivation effect. It's very satisfying, you've got to give it a try!

In about a week, there will be a very nice Gui Fei Mei Ren and a dark roasted Buddha's Hand. Make sure you check out the site and add them to your tea list.

In the next couple of days, 4 Sheng (Green/Raw) Puer will be added to our Puer list. Two are from 2013 and the other two are from the 90's. I am excited to be able to add them to our tea lineup. I can't wait for you to tell me what you think of these teas!

So many wonderful new teas to drink! Wherever you are in this holiday season, I hope you have a cup of delicious tea to accompany you. I will be having teas and thinking of you with a smile on my face.

Happy Holidays!

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Ms. Ainee C. Beland said...

Happy holidays to you and always thank you for sharing. Smiling and a good cup of tea can do wonders and yet I don't often smile. No matter, take care.